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 RF Ultrasonic Cavitation Body Contouring


40-60min./Starting at $150
*Save 10% when you purchase a pkg. of 6 treatments


The collective use of 80,000HZ cavitation ultrasonic sound waves, Focused radio frequency waves of 5MHZ, and LED reach deep seated fat cell tissue to help dissove and remove excess fat,toxins and waste material from the body.

Multi-polar algorithim frequencies stimulate lymphatic to remove toxins and stagnate interstitial waste from the body.  The targeted heat amplify lipolysis to shrink fat cells to reduce dimpling. 

This is a non invasive treatment that shapes, slims, tightens and contours the body by reducing cellulite and saggy skin on problem areas.


Book you FREE consultation as sessions vary per individual.

Recommended 6 or more treatments for optimal results.

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