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​Massage & Reflexology


Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage...30min./$50

Relaxing massage infused with aromatic essential oils to sooth mind, body and spirit.


Indian Head Massage.......20min./$45

Indian inspired techniques to scalp, neck and shoulders will melt away stress and tension. The ultimate in de-stressing the mind.


Cupping Massage.......30min./$50

A holistic treatment using silicone cups used to bring balance and relief to congested areas of face & body.  Gently massages muscle tension away from neck, shoulders and back.



 with Registered Reflexologist 

*HST  included

Reflexology is a safe non invasive practice.  Pressure is applied to reflexes on the feet that map to all systems of the body.  A refexologist can help remove energy blockages and promote holistic health allowing for deep relaxation and endless other health benefits.  Some of these benefits include increased circulation, better sleep, decreased pain and increased energy.

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Hot Stone Reflexolgy.....90min./$110

Treatment includes an aromatherapy foot soak and warm towel cleanse.  Extra time allows for more work on congested reflex areas leaving you balanced and rejuventated.  The treatment is finished with a deeply relaxing hot stone massage on lower leg and feet.

Classic  Reflexolgy.....60min./$85

Treatment includes an aromatherapy foot soak and warm towel cleanse. A thorough reflexology treatment is performed and finished with a relaxing lower leg and foot massage

Mini Sessio3.....30min./$60

Interested in reflexology but don't have the time to spare?  Perfect lunch break session.  This treatment is designed to work on specific problematic areas.  It does not allow for all the body systems to be worked but rather is customised to your individual needs. It will leave you wanting more.

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