Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage...30min./$45

Relaxing massage infused with aromatic essential oils to sooth mind, body and spirit.


Indian Head Massage.......20min./$40

Indian inspired techniques to scalp, neck and shoulders will melt away stress and tension. The ultimate in de-stressing the mind.


Cupping Massage.......30min./$49

A holistic treatment using silicone cups used to bring balance and relief to congested areas of face & body.  Gently massages muscle tension away from neck, shoulders and back.


Registered  Reflexology........60min./$80

(Hst included)

A system massage technique using pressure point massage on the feet and hands to address imbalances within the body.


This is a holistic ancient practice to treat the body as a whole. It's believed every part of the body is linked to the feet and hands; when specific points are massaged, it brings balance to aid the body in healing itself.