Fir Facial Therapy (Far Infrared)


FIR  Facial (Far Infrared)....60min/$135

Far Infrared with LED facial treatments for both anti-aging and blemished/acne skin. 20 minutes under the far infrared is equivalent to 60 minutes and provides 3 times faster results.

It will regenerate & stimulate collagen production, minimize appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, clear blemishes and lessen skin coarseness. An overall improvement in appearance of skin tone and texture.


The panels from the in-fared dome emit 4-20 microns, which is the most beneficial FIR level for collagen regeneration, wound healing and to reduce inflammation.


FIR Acne Facial.........75min./$135

The far-infared acne facial will reduce inflammation, clear blemishes and lessen skin coarseness as well as dinimish size of pores.  It will improve the overall appearance of skin tone and texture.

This unique facial uses two masks with the FIR dome.  A cranberry warming and exfoliating mask and a Charcoal purifying tissue mask


The Cranberry mask is a healing and exfoliating mask that stimulates micro-circulatio.  The self heating reaction is due to "Zeolite" which is a mineral clay causing pores to easily open for a deep purifying effect while draining impurities and toxins away from the skin, thus making the skin better oxygenated.  The moisturinzing effect is strenghterned by the grape seed oil and the skin gets a boost of vitamin C and astringent properties from the cranberry extract.


The Charcoal purifying mask is perfect for acne prone skin  composed of bamboo charcoal divers.  The ingredient has an absorbant power which alllows it to retain impurities and toxins.

It is able to remove the impurities and keep away sebum excess.


FIR Anti-aging Facial........60min./$135

The far-infared anti-aging facial will regenerate and stimulate collagen production, minimize appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sun damaged skin.  It reduces skin degradation.

This unique facial used two masks under the FIR dome.  A Collagen cream mask and Moisturizing collagen tissue mask.

The collagen cream mask is rich in marine collagen, marine extracs and vitamin E to provide moisturizing and regeneration activity to the skin.  Protects the skins surface from external damaging effects, and restores suppleness and elasticity, giving the skin a radiant complexion.

The Moisturizing collagen tissue mask is infused with a rich collagen serum to help the skin keeps its regeneration power and the collagen regulates the skins elasticty.  Gives the skin an immediate tightening effect. The ear hooks preseve, maintain and strenthenr its lifting effect.