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This European line is a brand leader in high quality professional cosmetics that's invested 50 years in your skin.

skeyndor skin care products


  • Long lasting anti-age skincare

  • Stem cell with long lasting rejuvenating properties to improve premature aging

  • 80% rejuvenated firmer and sofeter skin

  • 95% firmer skin with greater elasticity

  • Night restoring sleeping oil with a unique combination of 5 natural oils, 3 essence oils and double stemcell extracts

skeyndor Power Hyaluronic

Power Hyaluronic

  • Hydro-Dynamic skincare for 100% maximum hydration

  • A high performance booster for dry & dehydrated skin

  • 90% improvement in wrinkles caused by dehydration

  • 90% softer skin

  • 100% ultra-moisturizing efffect

  • 24 hours continuous hydration

skeyndor Power C+

Power C+

  • Powerful anti-oxidant & brightening combination ever created

  • Concentration of pure vitamin C up to 15%

  • With vitamin C derivatives and pomegranate extracts

  • Intensive lightening effect

  • 77% More radiant skin

  • 85% More uniform skin

  • 85% Improved skin conditon and appearance

  • 92% Firmer skin

Skeyndor DermaPeel Pro

DermaPeel Pro

  • Muti-layered peeling combining 5 peeling techniues

  • Abrasive, sonic, enzymatic, acid and biological peeling

  • Combines 3 AHA's: Glycolic, Latic Acid and Mandelic Acid

  • 2 formulas depending on skin type: Normal to mixed skin and dry to very dry skin

  • Minimizes pores

  • For wrinkles and pigmentation

Skeyndor Uniquire


  • Unique high technology concentrates for personalised skincare

  • High concentrations of active ingredients for extraordinary results

  • 8 ampoules for 8 specific beauty benefits:

  • Renewal Peeling, Intensive Hydrating, SOS Recovering (anti-redness/calming), Brightening, Dark Spot, Instant Lifting, Wrinkle Inhibiting and Redensifying filling

Skeyndo Body Sculpt Slimming Plan

Body Sculpt Slimming Plan

  • 30 day slimming formula to soften orange peel skin and reduce body volume

  • Improve appearance fo orange peel skin associated with long term cellulite

  • Stimulates the removal of subcutanious fat

  • Active ingredients of Plankton Extracts, Caffeine, Raspberry Ketones, Dandelion, Goldenrod Extracts and Carnitine

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